Zippin Pippin Around the Bay

On my way to a shoot the other day I was heading across the Leo Frigo Bridge and what to my wandering eye should appear but the new Zippin Pippin rising high in the sky over the bleak winter bared trees.  The amount of timber raised to hold a car full of screaming teenagers impressively dipped and rose in waves from one end of the construction site to the other in a way reminiscent of how a mighty steel beast of the steam area would oppress the very clouds in the sky.  Even though the thermometer read 2 degrees with a windchill of 20 below I had to get some images of this impressive piece of nostalgia being constructed to the cheers of choirs of Elvis fans everywhere! Enjoy!

CJStudios Zippin Pippin 1CJStudios Zippin Pippin 2CJStudios Zippin Pippin 3CJStudios Zippin Pippin 4CJStudios Zippin Pippin 5CJStudios Zippin Pippin 6If interested in any of these or other art prints please contact us! We’ll be glad to fill a variety of size requests, matted or framed. Inquire today!

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