Harlequin Shoot

We had an amazing shoot yesterday here at the studio for something a little different from the norm and unique for Children Shoots! We like to bring new and exciting themes to life and yesterday gave us a great chance to live up to that creativity in our studio. Wanting to create the feeling of an old rag doll or marionette we decided to pull out all the stops and put together an old world harlequin look for the shoot. It was success all around! She had a blast from the make-up application to the costume design all the way through the excitement of the shoot itself and I think mom had just as much fun assisting as well! Kids love to play dress up and we enjoy making this past time come to life in a way that parents can fondly remember those youthful joys!

CJStudios children's shoot "Harlequin" photo 1CJStudios children's shoot "Harlequin" photo 2CJStudios children's shoot "Harlequin" photo 3If you’re looking for something new and unique in portraits, give us a call! We love to make your photo sessions magical and enjoy having you experience “getting your picture taken” in a whole new memorable way!

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