Welcome to our first 2011 post!

Thank you for visiting our blog! We are excited to begin bringing you the best and brightest of our studio and hope you’ll come along for the ride. It’s been a busy 2010 full of weddings, portraits, model profiles and all around studio excitement! We can’t wait to see all that’s in store for us to share in 2011. We had some pretty exciting highlights in 2010 such as being chosen by Anne Geddes to be a part of her new book Preview team and asked to make a video celebrating the launch!

We were honored to be chosen for this project and it was a time to definitely be remembered!

Artigras 2010 also brought out a lot of interest in the Fine Art area of the studio. We enjoyed seeing many friends as well as making new ones through our unique art collection. We even ended up in the March issue of YOU Magazine with our booth from Artigras! Along with our year long stint at the Flying Pig in Algoma our artwork was featured at the Daily Buzz in the Bellin Building as well as at The Assemblage Studio in De Pere.

CJStudios Cover Girl January 2011

There were so many highlights in 2010 including the launch of the cover girl of the month series which started in June and culminated in 7 issues with 7 different models for that year! We are proud to continue this series in 2011 with our first issue featuring Tiffany Hoffman the January 2011 CJStudios cover girl of the month. We’re looking forward to 12 new models in 2011 to complete this year’s series with a special anniversary issue also slated for June 2011 featuring Melissa Murdock. Be sure to stay tuned for more on this upcoming project!

Thank you again for your interest in our studio and we look forward to a 2011 filled with many more fun and exciting weddings, births, graduations, modeling projects, art festivals and design projects! If you’re looking for something unique and affordable give CJStudios a call and we’ll help you make all your photographic desires come to life!


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One Response to Welcome to our first 2011 post!

  1. Che Correa says:

    Awesome work!! Looking forward to what the new year will bring for you!!

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