Busy as a Bee

It’s been a really long time since my last post, how time does fly. I guess that’s a sign of a busy bee! I’ll soon be posting all the latest new work, upcoming news and exciting events in a series of future posts. Keep your eye out for a flurry of new activity soon! To “wet your whistle” here’s a sample of one of the latest and greatest shoots! Keep your eye out for more to come.

CJStudios Model in Saran Wrap Dress


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Zippin Pippin Around the Bay

On my way to a shoot the other day I was heading across the Leo Frigo Bridge and what to my wandering eye should appear but the new Zippin Pippin rising high in the sky over the bleak winter bared trees.  The amount of timber raised to hold a car full of screaming teenagers impressively dipped and rose in waves from one end of the construction site to the other in a way reminiscent of how a mighty steel beast of the steam area would oppress the very clouds in the sky.  Even though the thermometer read 2 degrees with a windchill of 20 below I had to get some images of this impressive piece of nostalgia being constructed to the cheers of choirs of Elvis fans everywhere! Enjoy!

CJStudios Zippin Pippin 1CJStudios Zippin Pippin 2CJStudios Zippin Pippin 3CJStudios Zippin Pippin 4CJStudios Zippin Pippin 5CJStudios Zippin Pippin 6If interested in any of these or other art prints please contact us! We’ll be glad to fill a variety of size requests, matted or framed. Inquire today!

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Angels from Above Model Shoot

My good friend Holly Lindquist sent me a note one day saying “I’d love to try an angel shoot with you.” Getting to put some fun props to use I of course immediately said YES! Out came the white feather wings, cloud like throw and an Angel was born. This fun and creative idea quickly blossomed into an exciting and memorable shoot with rotating unstable wings and laughter abound. Anytime a creative idea, a room full of props and people excited to have fun come together the true art of photography comes to life. Thanks again Holly for the extremely fun Angelic shoot!

CJStudios laying Angel pic with wings 1CJStudios laying Angel pic with wings 2CJStudios propped Angel pic with wings 3Looking for a new and exciting way to add to your modeling portfolio, give us a call or send us an e-mail! (cjstudios2k8@yahoo.com) We strive to make your portfolio stand out with unique and visually stimulating images.

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Harlequin Shoot

We had an amazing shoot yesterday here at the studio for something a little different from the norm and unique for Children Shoots! We like to bring new and exciting themes to life and yesterday gave us a great chance to live up to that creativity in our studio. Wanting to create the feeling of an old rag doll or marionette we decided to pull out all the stops and put together an old world harlequin look for the shoot. It was success all around! She had a blast from the make-up application to the costume design all the way through the excitement of the shoot itself and I think mom had just as much fun assisting as well! Kids love to play dress up and we enjoy making this past time come to life in a way that parents can fondly remember those youthful joys!

CJStudios children's shoot "Harlequin" photo 1CJStudios children's shoot "Harlequin" photo 2CJStudios children's shoot "Harlequin" photo 3If you’re looking for something new and unique in portraits, give us a call! We love to make your photo sessions magical and enjoy having you experience “getting your picture taken” in a whole new memorable way!

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Welcome to our first 2011 post!

Thank you for visiting our blog! We are excited to begin bringing you the best and brightest of our studio and hope you’ll come along for the ride. It’s been a busy 2010 full of weddings, portraits, model profiles and all around studio excitement! We can’t wait to see all that’s in store for us to share in 2011. We had some pretty exciting highlights in 2010 such as being chosen by Anne Geddes to be a part of her new book Preview team and asked to make a video celebrating the launch!

We were honored to be chosen for this project and it was a time to definitely be remembered!

Artigras 2010 also brought out a lot of interest in the Fine Art area of the studio. We enjoyed seeing many friends as well as making new ones through our unique art collection. We even ended up in the March issue of YOU Magazine with our booth from Artigras! Along with our year long stint at the Flying Pig in Algoma our artwork was featured at the Daily Buzz in the Bellin Building as well as at The Assemblage Studio in De Pere.

Thank you again for your interest in our studio and we look forward to a 2011 filled with many more fun and exciting weddings, births, graduations, modeling projects, art festivals and design projects! If you’re looking for something unique and affordable give CJStudios a call and we’ll help you make all your photographic desires come to life!


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